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Mr. Arif Zainddeen AP

MA Arabic, BA Afsal-Ul-Ulama

A warm welcome to Sullamussalam! We offer you a wonderful experience of gaining the right knowledge and skills along with the right attitude and values in a unique and disciplined educational environment. Sullamussalam Arabic College has already completed 75 years of academic excellence imparting quality education to the students belonging to historically marginalized groups, drawn from across the educationally backward Malabar region of Kerala. The College has made a remarkable contribution in the field of value-based education that qualifies it as one of the much sought-after Arabic colleges in Kerala. 
Education in this college is not a mere exercise of sharing information but what we strive for is the holistic development of character with a commitment to build a strong knowledge base. For this, our management, teachers, students and employees work together in close association. An unparalleled teacher-student affinity is one of the unique features of the College. 
Mutual respect and modest behaviour are the inevitable planks of humanity, we ensure t Read More

Former Principals
Shaikh Mohammed Moulavi
Mr. Shaikh Mohammed Moulavi

1955 -64

K P Mohammed Moulavi
Mr. K P Mohammed Moulavi

1964 -82

V C Moyin Kutty Moulavi
Mr. V C Moyin Kutty Moulavi

1982 - 92

K K Mohammed
Mr. K K Mohammed

1992 - 97

K Fathima
Mrs. K Fathima

1997 - 02

M Mohammed Thayyib
Mr. M Mohammed Thayyib

2002 - 14

N V Mohammed zakariyya
Mr. N V Mohammed zakariyya

2014 -15

M T Abdussamad
Mr. M T Abdussamad

2015 - 16

Abdul Gafoor Chozhakkattu
Dr. Abdul Gafoor Chozhakkattu

2016 - 2020